Welcome to my favorites page! I created this page to easily list my favorite, must-have healthy products and services. The list will be continually evolving as I find different resources that are worth mentioning. I have also included some special offers and discounts that are exclusive to my readers.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, these are all products and services that I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.

ButcherBox Logo


ButcherBox is a popular meat delivery service that sends antibiotic-free and hormone-free cuts directly to your home. Their meat selection includes 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork.

Additionally, ButcherBox offers wild and sustainable seafood, such as Alaskan sockeye salmon, cod, lobster, and more. The company also sells pre-made food items, including beef burger patties, salmon burgers, and hot dogs.

I really like ButcherBox because their meat always tastes exquisite. I also appreciate that all of their animals are raised humanely and fed naturally. The meat arrives frozen and vacuum-packed in an insulated box. The price works out to under $6/meal and the shipping is free to the continental 48 U.S. states.

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Thrive Market Logo

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an incredible online store that sells healthy, organic food and natural products at 25-50% below retail prices. I like to think of it like Amazon (online retailer) meets Costco (low, wholesale prices) meets Whole Foods (all nutritious, junk-free foods).

Items that are available for purchase from Thrive Market include non-GMO groceries, wholesome pantry staples, junk-free snacks, better-for-you treats, and eco-friendly home finds. It truly is a one-stop shop for budget-friendly healthy living products.

To order anything from Thrive Market, all you have to do is sign up for a risk-free Thrive Market membership. If you use the link below, you will get this terrific limited-time bonus when you join:

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Good Chop Logo

Good Chop

Good Chop is America’s online butcher. They deliver high-quality American meat and seafood straight to your doorstep as a flexible subscription service. Each one of their cuts contain absolutely no added hormones, growth stimulants, antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial ingredients of any kind.

Good chop offers responsibly-raised beef, chicken, and pork that are all born and bred in the U.S. They also sell sustainably-harvested seafood that is either wild-caught on U.S. coasts or raised in U.S. farms.

You may customize each box you order with delicious cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and/or seafood. You have the option to pause or cancel your delivery at any time. Finally, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, the company will either credit your account or issue a refund.

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Dry Farm Wines LogoDry Farm Wines

Did you know that most wines on the market are highly processed and contain harmful chemicals and additives? For that reason, I recommend making the switch to organic, biodynamic, low-alcohol, or natural wine. It is truly the optimal choice to maximize the health benefits of wine and minimize any undesired effects.

In my opinion, the best place to buy natural wines online is Dry Farm Wines. Dry Farm Wines is a health-focused, lab-tested wine club. It curates the world’s best sustainable, organic, and natural wines and sends them right to your door. All of their wines are free of additives, preservatives, and commercial yeast. Their wines also contain less than 1 g/L of sugar, so they are statistically sugar-free. To top it all off, my readers will get this one-time offer using the link below:

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Seed Probiotics Logo

Seed Probiotics

Probiotics are one of the most common supplements today, due to their amazing benefits and impact on gut health. But, did you know that most probiotics don’t survive stomach acid, bile salts, and digestive enzymes? Seed’s Daily Synbiotic prebiotic and probiotic formulation is engineered for a precision entry into the GI tract.

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic uses a combination of prebiotics, which are a special form of dietary fiber that act as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut, and probiotics for maximum effectiveness. I take Seed’s Daily Synbiotic every single day, because it the best, most effective probiotic I have ever used. It is also vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, and allergen-free.

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Misfits Market Logo

Misfits Market

Misfits Market sends fresh, certified organic produce and sustainably-sourced groceries to your door at up to 40% off grocery store prices.

They offer non-GMO produce that major stores are unable sell, due to excess supply, or because they look slightly different. These vegetables may not sell otherwise, so your orders directly benefit organic farmers. The company is designed to break the cycle of food waste and it specializes in saving food that is thrown away unnecessarily.

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Urthbox Logo


Urthbox is a healthy subscription box delivery service that sends 100% GMO-free, organic, and natural snacks to your home or office. Their food selection includes everything from chips, snack bars, dried fruits and vegetables, sweets and chocolates, juices, and more!

You can customize your box by picking between Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet options. They offer free shipping to the U.S. and you can cancel at any time, so there is no risk. Lastly, be sure to use the link and code below to get an exclusive discount from UrthBox when you make your first order:

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Porter Road Logo

Porter Road

Porter Road operates as an online butcher shop specializing in high-quality, sustainably sourced meats. They offer a range of cuts, including beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, all sourced from local farms committed to ethical and humane practices.

Porter Road emphasizes transparency in their sourcing and processing methods, ensuring customers receive top-notch products. With an easy-to-use online platform, customers can browse and select their desired cuts for delivery directly to their homes.

Whether you’re looking for premium steaks, flavorful sausages, or tender roasts, Porter Road provides an excellent option for those seeking quality meats with a focus on sustainability and ethics.

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Sizzlefish Logo


Sizzlefish delivers high-quality, all-natural fish and seafood straight to your front door. They offer a wide variety of seafood including salmon, cod, shrimp, clams, soft-shell crab, sea scallops, and more.

Most of their seafood is wild-caught, however a portion of their seafood selection is farmed. The company works closely with its suppliers to source only the best sustainable seafood. 

The seafood is carefully packed with dry ice in a recyclable cooler. Each box contains 14 vacuum-sealed, pre-portioned cuts of seafood. Your seafood should arrive hard-frozen, so all you need to do is transfer the items into your freezer once they get to your place.

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Please let me know if you decide to try out any of the above products or services. I would love to know about your experience and what you thought of them! 🙂